Arrival Sound System writes, records and produces conscious reggae music and performs as a live dub mixing show with the help of some friends on vocals, percussion and brass.

Arrival, AKA Hal Wheeler, started his musical journey in Bristol dancing with his sisters to his mum’s record collection but it wasn't until 1998, when he bought his first 12” DnB single by Peshay from Rite on Records in Taunton, that the music really got hold of him. His teenage years were all about DJing Jungle and Logic 4.8, Hal studied music tech and then music production, playing with genres until settling firmly into producing Dub Reggae. It was during this time that Hal played keys and sang BVs with local reggae legends The Rhizomes.

In 2007 and Hal moved to London to pursue a career in audio engineering, working all over the city making gigs sound loud and clear, this was also the time when Arrival Sound System was born. “Building speakers has always been a big passion of mine” says Hal, and from the age of thirteen he’s owned, built and borrowed boxes to create his own little stack. The focus behind Arrival Sound, however, was live dub shows and music production. "Nothing beats the rush of dropping one of your own heavy baselines and watching the crowd bounce!"

Over the last 13 years Arrival has played his live dub show all over the UK, India and Nepal. He has collaborated with some legends of reggae music: Earl 16, Johnny Clarke, and worked with many other legendary vocalists and instrumentalists. Throughout his musical journey Arrival has released multiple singles and EPs but it wasn't until 2019 before his first full album 'Arrival' was released.

2019 also saw the release of ‘Agaman’ the collaborative album between Arrival and Cultivation of Kathmandu, Nepal. Arrival and Cultivation have gone on to build the first handmade reggae sound system in Nepal: “Everest Sound System” and continue to work together producing music under that name.

June 2020 sees the release of his latest album 'Voices' exclusively featuring female vocals; "by far my best creation to date" Hal says. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

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